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How to use Google like a pro – 20 most hacks you must know

Today we are talking about the world no 1 search engine, Google. Almost, every person now uses Google to search the things on the internet. But, you ever think that you can also use Google as a programmer or Hacker? Or how programmers and Hackers use Google as their daily routine of life? Then you have come to the right place. We will guide you that how to use Google like a pro and you can also amaze your friends with these tricks too.

How to use Google like a pro – 20 most hacks you must know

Now we move to our 1st trick.

1. Get results for the exact phrase

Let you are searching for something but you can’t get the exact results from Google as you aspect. So, what should you do now? Find on other pages? No, just add double quotation signs around your words and the Google will give you the exact results according to your keyword. Example: “Kashif Anmol”

2. Exclude unwanted websites from the search results

With the help of this trick, you can exclude any unwanted keyword or website from the given search results. Just type -keyword at the end of your keyword phrase. For example Kashif Anmol -Facebook

The upper example will show you the result with the exclusion of Facebook. So, you can’t find Facebook results on Google’s page.

3. Search within the website

Do you want to search for anything on a particular website? Then this trick might help you a lot. Just type your_keyword and hit enter. Then you will find the search results within one site.

4. Search in the title of website’s posts

With the help of this trick, you can filter and get the result related to your desired keyword which is available in the different website titles. You need to type: intitle: keyword and hit enter.

5. Search the Missing word in your phrase

Are you searching for something helpful but you can’t remember the whole phrase as it would or you have a doubt in any word of the phrase then try this trick. Just write the phrase like the following:

What * SEO

*  means there is a missing word in this phrase and the search engine will automatically put some words randomly to show you the best search results.

You can watch our video for all 20 tips to use Google like a pro.

Watch this video


Kashif Anmol

I'm a Young Web Developer and Graphic Designer from Pakistan. My hobby is to do coding and reading Islamic and History Books.

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