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How our AdSense Calculator Works?

This tool will give you the ability to view the estimate the maximum earnings by calculating your Daily Page impressions, CTR% (CTR means Click through Rate) and CPC (Cost per Click). The usage of our AdSense Calculator is too much simple. To use this tool you will need to follow these steps:

  1. In the First Field, Enter the Daily Page impressions shows on your AdSense Main page.
  2. Then Enter the CTR% in the second field but remember that don’t enter the % mark with your entry. Only put the numbers.
  3. In the third and last field labled CPC, put your CPC rate in this field.
  4. After filling all the fields, hit Enter and the table on the last will show your Maximum Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Yearly Earnings.
  5. Note: This is only the estimation, the original earnings would be different from the statistics.

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