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Installing a Power Supply

Use below Flowcharts to find solution of your problem


Make sure to read all of the options first, and keep in mind that very often, failing hardware will begin by giving errors and system crashes.

Your computer won't necessarily shut down if a part is failing!

repair guide

Flowcharts are meant as an overview on how to troubleshoot your computer. To get more information about any step, simply click on the appropriate area on the flowchart.

Or you might find it easier to use the step-by-step guide

With that in mind, let's start fixing your computer...

Computer Hardware Repair & Diagnostic Flowchart
computer repair flowchart

=> My Computer won't even turn on when I press the start button!

=> PC turns on but shuts down right away, or stays on but nothing happens.

=> My computer turns on but fails the POST (Power On Self Test).

=> Unstable Power Supply .

& more...

Computer Repair Flowchart

Hard Drives & Partitions Errors Troubleshoot Flowchart
Hard Drive troubleshoot flowchart

=> No System Disk Found or Boot Partition Errors!

=> Boot Sector Not Found.

=> NTLDR is Missing.

=> Bad Sectors.

& more...

Hard Drive Troubleshoot Flowchart

Motherboard Troubleshoot & Diagnostic Flowchart
Motherboard diagnostic flowchart

=> Defective RAM.

=> Burned CPU.

=> Hardware Conflict.

=> Bad Adapters.

& more...

Motherboard Troubleshoot Flowchart

Video Card Troubleshoot Flowchart
Video-card troubleshoot flowchart

=> Nothing on the screen.

=> Wrong Settings, hardware conflicts.

=> Faulty cables.

=> Windows loads only in safe mode

& more...

Video card Troubleshoot Flowchart

Data Recovery
Data Recovery

=> I NEED to Save / Recover my Data!

=> Erased Partition & Data.

=> Hard Drive not spinning up data recovery.

Go to Data Recovery

Windows XP Reset
Windows xp repair

=> No POST (Power On Self Test) error, but my computer won't boot Windows XP
Go to Windows XP Repair

=> Windows XP loads properly, but the system gives errors
Windows XP Restore

=> I prefer to Re-Install Windows XP, as my system is falling apart.
Windows XP Install Guide

Virus, Trojans & other Malwares
viruses and malwares

=> Free Antivirus Scan.
Anti-Virus Scan

=> Free Spyware Scan.
Spyware Scan

=> Free Firewall.
Go to Firewalls

=> Free Registry Scan.
Registry Scanners

Not Sure what the problem is, need a Systematic Hardware Test!
Systematic PC check-up

=> My computer is giving me Errors and crashes not sure why, I need to start with a
Quick Hardware Check

=> I get that famous Blue Screen!
Start with a full Hardware Check

=> I have NO IDEA what is wrong or where to begin!
Begin Here